Pastor Sylv Kidiri Unveils Loud Street Praise 2.0 Music Concert

Anjo Joseph


Pastor Sylv-Kadiri unveils Loud Street Praise’ 2.0 music concert.

Renowned clergyman, Pastor Mayor Sylv-Kadiri has revealed the true essence behind his decision to stage the forthcoming Loud Street Praise’ 2.0 music concert.

Pastor Sylv-Kadiri, who opened up in a recent interview said that he is staging the much-anticipated music concert because he believes in praise.

He said, “I am staging the music concert because I believe in praise. But most importantly, for God to have kept me for 50 good years. I want to be doing this every year!”

While speaking about his forthcoming 50th birthday, Pastor Sylv-Kadiri said that he is grateful that God has preserved his life for five decades.

“Basically, I am grateful to God Almighty for giving me life and for preserving me for birth till now.” He said.

The well-respected cleric also revealed what he has learned since his last birthday.

“I have learned so much since my last birthday. I have learned that everything we have in this world belongs to God and that He’s the reason we are alive.”

Pastor Sylv-Kadiri also spoke about an unaccomplished dream that he hopes ’s to achieve at his next birthday celebration.

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He said, “By my next birthday, God’s willing, I want to be able to build a house of worship for God and create a way of worship better than what’s available.

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